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Welcome to the website www.maheka.com. Please carefully read and understood this Tems & Conditions before continue using the Site.

The usage of the Site and all of its contents must comply with this Terms & Conditions. By using the Site and all of its contents You hereby agree to bind with this Terms & Conditions. If You disagree with this Terms & Conditions, partial or whole, then You should stop accessing and using the Site and all of its contents.

Otherwise clearly stated, this following terms shall mean: (a) “Site” refers to website www.maheka.com; (b) “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Ours” and “Maheka & Co.” refer to Firma Maheka & Co. and affiliate(s); (c) “You”, “Yours” and “User” refers to you, the party who access and use the Site and all of its contens, wheter registered (“Member”) or not-registered; (d) “Client” refers to You who have bound with agreement to obtain benefit from certain professional service We offered.

Access to the Site
You can access particular feature(s) after You create Member account (“Account”) by registering with Member Application & Data Form (“Membership Form”) available. We will perform verification process by contacting Your telephone number or email address You have submitted via Membership Form; if You fail the verification process then We will not activate the Account.

By filling Membership Form and submitting it You hereby agree and warrant that: (a) You are legally authorized, competent and capable to bind Yourself into agreement; (b) All information and data You have filled and submitted when applying Account registration are true, detail, complete and accurate; Email address and telephone number which were given and registered through the Site are Yours; and You have ensured that the email address and telephone number are accessible by You; (c) You will always protect, kept secret and not disclose to other party Your username and password. The responsibility of protection and secrecy to Your username and password are, and always be, Yours. We can not be held responsibility to any kind of damage or lost arise from Your failure to protect Your usename and password.

If You are a Client and have created an Account then You can access special feature(s) for Client to: (a) send information, data or document needed in execution of project; (b) monitor the progress of project; (c) communicate with Our personnel; (d) download the outcome of project, information, data or document that exclusively addressed to You.

Access to special feature(s) for Client will automatically shut off when You quit being Our Client or when the project as determined in the legal service agreement is done. However, You may still access other feature(s) available for Member.

Information And Data
You agree and hereby authorize Us to use all information and data You have submitted to Us according to the stipulation in Our Privacy Policy.

Treatment To Material
All information, opinion, comment, picture, graphic, scheme and other content (“Material”) provided through the Site for public are meant to give general illustration and not as a legal advice. You are not suggested to consider, make nor treat such Material as exchange for legal advise related to certain situation/circumtances. Therefore, You agree that We are released and can not be held responsible for Your misuse of such Material.

Treatment as legal advice only apply for Material that is exclusively given as per Client specific request/instruction in relation to certain situation/ circumtances.

Intellectual Property Rights
Otherwise clearly stated, We are the owner or the licensee of intellectual property rights of the Material provided through the Site. You may access, download, archived, print or use the Material under condition that: (a) the usage is not for commercial nor for illegal usage; (b) You do not edit, change nor modify the Material, neither partial or whole; (c) You do not erase nor make unreadable Our identity or other party listed as the owner of intellectual property rights of the Material.

Towards the Material We exclusively give to each Client may be applied with different intellectual property rights provision, according to the legal service agreement signed and bound the parties.

We entitle to change, revise, withdraw or cancel each Material, page, the Site itself or the service(s) offerred from time to time without prior notice.

Should We find any indication of misuse of Material, breach of this Terms & Conditions, information and data falsification, illegal use of credit card and debit card, forgery, Site hacking, operation of destructive or data stealer computer program or software, then We entitle to immidiately block Your access to the Site; and if what has been indicated proven to cause damage or lost then We have the right to demand/charge for indemnification to every related party.

We also entitle to block or shut off Your access to the Site, wheter partial of whole, due to the technical reason.

Limitation Of Liability
While We sought to maintain the Site performs and be in good condition, We do not guarantee, neither clearly nor implicit, that: (a) the Site or its server will be free from virus or bug or always operate in its optimum ability, accurate, reliable; (b) Material published –wheter partial of whole- will always be available, up to date, correct and accurate; or (c) the usage of the Site will always be error-free or comply its purpose.

We can not be held for responsibility of any delay, failure, mistake nor lost of information nor data transmitted, virus contamination nor other destructive program illegally transmitted to Your computer or mobile gadget during or after You acces the Site.

You agree that We can not be held for responsibility of: (a) any kind of bussiness lost, lost of bussiness potential or good will damage; (b) any lost of income, revenue or profit, neither it was a certain or potential; (c) any lost resulted from diminishing benefit; (d) any lost resulted from the waste of working time or hour; nor (e) any direct nor indirect lost. Any lost arose from using the Site or all of its contents or the service(s) We provide.

You agree to exclude Us from responsibility arise from any failure to perform obligation due to force majeure, any event occured beyond reasonable control, inevitable with fine planning and can not be overcame with reasonable effort; Events cathegorized as force majeure, include but not limited to: (a) riot, unrest, civil war, uprising, power struggle, war or terrorism; (b) fire, earthquake, volcano eruption or any other natural disaster; (c) industrial dispute or strike; (d) hacker attack, virus or other destructive program; (e) power failure, internet connection problem; or (f) alteration of law or regulation or government policy which result in can not be carried the obligation.

You agree that regarding any lost to which We can be held for responsibility of then You will demand indemnification, wheter in cash or any other sort, only as much as the amount of money You have paid Us in relation with relevant service We render.

Governing Law
This Terms & Conditions is created, contrue and comply under the law of The Republic Of Indonesia.

This Terms & Conditions is written in Bahasa Indonesia and may be translated into any other language; in the events that different interpretation occurs between Bahasa Indonesia version and its translation, the Bahasa Indonesia version will prevail.

Dispute Settlement
Any dispute arose from the implementation of this Terms & Condition shall be settled via non-litigation forum to reach mutual agreement. If such forum fail to reach mutual agreement, the dispute shall be settled in court; and hereby You and Us agree that the chosen courthouse is Pengadilan Negeri Yogyakarta.

Other Provision
This Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, all form(s) and available payment instruction construct a legal agreement binding You.

We entitle and hold the right to revise or to change this Terms & Conditions from time to time, therefore We suggest for You to recheck this Terms & Conditions and its revision anytime.

In the event of one or more provision(s) in this Terms & Conditions become invalid, un-applicable, illegal or unable to be enforced, neither partial of whole, due to the applicable law and regulation, this will not affects the validity of other provision(s) in this Terms & Conditions.

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